Our Cambodia homestay in isloted village around 12 km  or 50 km away from siem reap and Angkor town and tourists village homestay we have different activity like doing farm and teaching English and harvesting rice in field and all these activity in village with farmers are in different season too. Here are some activity of homestay in siem reap angkor Cambodia for sightseeing reall life of people in village 

Children are free from government school helping to share parents work and spends home fund and they are trying to find foods like in field like crabs and frog or fish and vegetables like water lili being vegetables for farmer soup.

Fishes and water lili are in the same  rice field at the back of villager family around 1km or 500 meters and all villagers children would like playing in the field and water and some other children like shooting birds with sling shot.

Cambodia angkor homestay is part of trip helping local villagers and good for tourists exchange experience lives in different from city people

One girl is catching fish in rice field full of muddy and these kind of fishes are snake-headed fish usually people use them for soup with ginger of barbecue and dried fish for spare foods keep in family for long times using for harvesting season coming soon

 These 2 children using sling shot to shoot birds or some tree fruits for eating and all these children are really keen and brave in farm for doing something and so when you go to village local family and staying with them and you can feel like you were at home and differen life of people in city
Also our cambodia angkor homestay doing siem reap Angkor foods tours around siem reap and local villages and our local cambodian people are proud their own foods and it is really interesting to do tour foods around with our tuk tuk guide in variety local foods have never seen and our local people give the name government foods.All these foods are Frogs,dog meat,fish,cricket and fish paste and pork paste and also the chicken piss ants
Chicken piss ant is popular foods for local people avoid from city to countryside around 2 km away from siem reap having in quiet cottage with pop music or making in their own house talking about different story and food tour around siem reap is amazing tour tasting our local foods