Cambodia Angkor homestay tours would like to take you around for free doing Angkor foods tours tasting in different local restaurants about cambodian foods and also doing our own foods in our family house eating together with family showing about foods tours and foods cooking

Cambodian food, the most overlooked of all Asian cuisines, is largely unknown elsewhere in the world. Yet Cambodia's savory noodle dishes, fresh seafood, and tempting sweets, its street food and classic dishes, reflect the rich history and culture of this beautiful country. Let an experienced chef who’s cooked at one of Cambodia’s finest restaurants and a writer deeply immersed in local foodways help you explore the delicious nuances of Khmer cuisine. Come on a culinary adventure with Siem Reap Food Tours!

Siem Reap Food Tours provides personal guided morning and evening expeditions for one to four people through the heart of Siem Reap. The tours provide a unique opportunity to learn about Cambodian life and culture. You’ll sample authentic Khmer dishes in a variety of off-the-beaten-tourist-path settings, from street-side food stalls to busy local markets. We'll introduce you to popular Khmer market specialties and street snacks, plus a few of Cambodia's exotic tropical fruits.